PCM and the Fast Food revolution

PCM and the Fast Food revolutionHere is a number that will jump off the page: In 2011, U.S. restaurants exceeded $600 billion in sales. In 1955, American’s only spent 25% of their food dollar on dining out, but now they spend almost 50%. Along with the rest of the world, America has become a country that eats on the run. In order to keep up with these staggering numbers, the food industry has had to lean heavily on innovative companies like PCM in order to produce an ever-increasing volume of consistent and high quality foodstuffs.

No discussion of the boom in restaurants would be complete without mentioning the explosion of fast food.  In 2009 alone, the top 20 fast food restaurants registered $99 billion in sales at over 118,000 locations. Many of the restaurants rely on baked goods like hamburger buns and sandwich rolls. To keep up with this massive demand, these products have to be made in large quantities. This is where the experts at PCM come in handy.

As an eastern United States licensee of the SBS-Teflon° Non-Stick Pan coating systems, PCM supplies a vast number of different fast food chains with non-stick baking trays and pans. The chains that do use SBS systems cut costs because equipment with DuPont® Teflon lasts 12 times as many baking cycles as  regular silicone glazes. In addition, the SBS systems eliminate the need for pan oil to aid in product release and SBS-Teflon® coatings comply with the FDA and other food-contact regulatory agencies around the world.

So, the next time you have a hamburger or sub at your favorite fast food restaurant, just remember that the bread you’re enjoying most likely came out looking and tasting so great because of one of PCM’s SBS-Teflon® Non-Stick coating systems.

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