Super-Poly-Off™ (SPO) Coating

For many years the laundry industry has been plagued with the problem of polyethylene contamination and plugging of dryers.

In 1980, PCM's research department began to study the problem and experiment with various materials, treatments and coatings. The following year we developed "SUPER-POLY-OFF" (SPO), a 17 step treatment that provides a surface to which nothing will adhere and that will take considerable punishment. "SUPER-POLY-OFF" is the laundry industry's answers to polyethylene contamination and plugging of dryer baskets.

Highlights >
  • Eliminates plastic build-up in dryers.
  • Reduces downtime for periodic cleaning.
  • Provides energy savings of up to 40%.
  • Increases production.
  • Reduces risk of dryer fires.
  • Pays for itself in months
Now through the use of SPO Stud Frame Panel Kits, you can convert your plugged, inefficient Dryer Basket to a Super-Poly-Off unit in a matter of hours.

Benefits >
SPO Conversion Kits enable your own maintenance staff to convert a non-removable panel basket into an SPO removable panel basket in a matter of hours. SPO Kits will restore the efficiency of your dryers by allowing the air flow that was intended by the manufacturer. No basket removal is

Kits are available for Braun/Norman, Consolidated, Challaenge-Cook, Lavatec, Passat, Smith-Grantham, and Milnor dryers.

Each kit contains everything you will need except a tac welder, jig-saw, and the muscle.
If you are:
  • experiencing costly plastic plugging;
  • seeing longer times required for drying or conditioning;
DON'T WAIT...Write or Call Today! 1-800-222-0317
Every day you postpone trying an SPO Kit may cost your company profits!

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