Food Manufacturing

Cut Maintenance Costs, Increase Process Uptime and Efficiency With TeflonĀ®.

Not even the stickiest food products adhere well to Teflon®. Surfaces of Teflon® are easy to clean, and they stay cleaner longer. The payoff: faster, easier cleaning and longer intervals between cleanings.

PCM has an extensive history coating equipment for Food Processing and Baking facilities, coating parts such as: Waffle grids, bread pans and straps, dough troughs, mixing blades, hoppers, rollers, and cutting blades.

As an alternative to stainless steel,   DuPont™ Teflon® coatings deliver more value and performance in food processing uses. Applications include linings for metal vessels, piping, pumps, and valves; pipe, hose, and tubing; components for valves and pumps; and seals and gaskets.  Teflon® is impervious to attack by the fastest-acting and strongest cleaning agents and solvents, also, many components made with Teflon® can be steam cleaned.

We look forward to helping you to experience the money savings benefits of using non-stick coatings in your facility.
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