Gardening with PCM

Gardening shears and scissors with Teflon®-SNothing is lovelier than a beautiful garden. The smells, the colors, it’s all so wonderful and calming. That is if you don’t have to tend to one! Despite the hard work, bug bites, and sunburns, Americans love to garden, and they love to spend money on it as well. U.S. households spent $29.1 billion on their lawns and gardens in 2011 – about $351 per household each year.  Some of those billions go to things like shears and scissors. These implements are great for pruning flowers, cutting grass, and even trimming hedges in cool shapes.  Companies like Fiskars, Klein, and even Martha Stewart make shears and scissors in wide variety of sizes and shapes.

As it turns out, the blades of some of the higher end models are coated with Teflon®. To be more exact, many of these companies use Teflon®-S. This unique Teflon formulation is a self-priming on-coat blend of Fluoropolymer, and we’ve noticed that these companies especially favor the 958 series. Teflon®-S is also perfect for sprinkler ball valves, fan blades, automotive fasteners, boat propellers, and saw blades.

When it comes to gardening, if you combine a high quality metal with Teflon®-S, you get a great pair of shears or scissors. So get out there and start pruning and cutting before the seasons change! Moreover, if you want to learn more about the miracle that is Teflon®-S, contact an expert at PCM today.

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