PCM and the changing world of printing

Printing press and TeflonThere was a time in this country when major cities had tens of different newspapers.  In the 1940s New York City had as many as 11 daily newspapers fighting for readers. At the time, of course, there was no internet or CNN, so if you wanted to learn the latest news the paper was the best way to get it. Times have certainly changed.  To put it in perspective, we have the same number of newspapers in the US as we did in 1890. Of course, we also have 243 million more people living in eight more states so that number is a good example of the newspaper’s downfall.

But guess what – no matter how many papers or magazines go online, people will still demand the printed word. From books to magazines to local supermarket sales flyers, the country and the world will be printing things on paper for a long time to come. At PCM, our Product-22, Teflon®, and other coatings are perfect for keeping inks, adhesives, and even paints off machinery. These amazing materials make wash-ups and clean-ups a snap, all while helping reduce downtime and labor costs. Our coatings are perfect for ink pans, mandrels, splashguards, cooling cans, ink fountains, rollers, and many other crucial pieces in the printing process.

If you need to get out the morning edition on time, you can’t afford downtime, especially in today’s more difficult business climate. As long as there is printing, PCM will continue to provide the highest quality and most advanced coatings to anyone who needs them.