Nothing Sticks to Us

There’s nothing worse than making chocolate chip cookies and having them stick to the tray. It’s one of those kitchen nightmares that leads to sad faces and a trip to the store for a new pan. Now, just imagine if you had to make tens of thousands of baked goods a day, leaving half of your product stuck to trays and pans would yield more than just a few tears. To avoid these kinds of headaches, top bakery plants need to rely on a non-stick coating that will get it right every time. It just so happens that at PCM we have the coating systems more large scale bakers use to keep their investors smiling: The BCS Coatings featuring DuPont Non-Stick Coating Technology.

At PCM we had to pass a lot of tests and inspections to become the Eastern US licensee of BCS. DuPont is extremely picky about whom they let sell their products. We’d love to list all the companies that get their coatings from us, be we can’t, not because they’re not proud to work with us, but because they don’t want to give away the secret to their success.  BCS Coatings are that effective -they offer that much of a competitive advantage. These custom coatings cut costs and last up to 12 times longer than silicone glazes.

Even though we can’t give you names, trust us: they’re big. In fact, there’s a good chance that if you’ve eaten a fast food burger bun, frozen waffle, or piece of bread recently, you had a product that was created with the help of BCS. There are over 1,000 commercial bakery lines around the world that use 1,800,000 coated pans and straps to process more than 40,000 tons of dough each day. That’s a lot of bread and a lot of…well…bread.

To learn more about BCS Coatings and a whole host of other amazing DuPont products, check out our website. You can also keep checking our blog for more examples of how PCM’s coatings play a big role in your life, every day.